How to become Happy & Contented

Be content & happy with whatever comes to you!

I read a few books to understand meaning of happiness and contentment, how other people see these aspects and what methods they use to incorporate it in their lives.

After reading for a while from books, videos and extracts from Audio books, I outlined a few pointers and tried to adapt them to see “If they actually work“. Let’s see what I got and I will let you know if that worked from me or not at the end of this blog. Let’s get started-

  1. Your happiness belongs to you and you are responsible for it– This seems tricky but absolutely true. We always think that our loved ones, friends & family are responsible for our happiness and we are responsible for theirs. This opinion of ours makes our and their lives difficult. In search of happiness we expect more from them and when they couldn’t fulfill our expectation we get more anxious and sad.  Instead we must find happiness in ourselves first and then only we will be able to bring that to other’s life. But how? Feel good about yourself, keep happiness your priority and always work on this priority. Always appreciate your success and console yourself in case of failures. Don’t make others responsible for your success or failures. Always remember these factors are self-driven, other’s are just a medium to facilitate and support.
  2. Satisfaction is the key – Happiness brings joy and pleasure and this is attained by satisfaction. We feel contended when we are satisfied with ourselves. So make sure that you list down things which are bothering you or troubling your happiness. Find their reason and resolution, work and resolve them and feel satisfied with the outcome. This will bring you satisfaction that you worked on your pain point, doesn’t matter if the resolution worked or not, at least you tried your best to resolve, that feeling will make you satisfied, contended and happy.

    RememberWe can not resolve all problems by ourselves, some need external energy/efforts as well. But we need to try our best and get convinced with the outcome and satisfaction that “I tried!”

  3. Gratefulness is a bliss – Majority of the times we focus on other’s life and get anxious about what they have and why don’t we have that in our life. We must make a choice, whether to worry about what we don’t have or be grateful about what we have in our life. Once we focus on our live and appreciate all the things we have around us, gratitude and appreciation increases significantly resulting a great feeling of joy and happiness. So let’s appreciate our little joys to make ourselves contented.
  4. Nurture your key relationship– As we nurture little plants to make them lush green and build a strong root, similarly we need to work on our key relationships and nourish them like a plant. Any relationship be it your partner, your parents, your children, siblings or friends, which gives you immense pleasure and support must be taken care with good care and love. Spend time with your loved ones, build strong connect, focus on their good qualities. This will increase your happiness to core.
  5. Optimistic Thoughts– Thoughts are like food to our soul and mind. Bad, unhealthy and pessimistic thoughts brings us down and stop our growing and thinking capabilities. We must cultivate good, optimistic and healthy thoughts by engaging our self in good company of people and books. Cultivate good thoughts, invest in good people and books, socialize more often and feel happy about your look, work and life. Our happiness depends on our outlook towards life, how we see it and treat it. When it rains, look for RAINBOW. When its dark, look for STARS.

When it rains, look for RAINBOW. When its dark, look for STARS. 

Internet is filled with millions of tips and tricks to achieve a happy life. But what fits others may not be enough for me. So these major tips attracted me a lot and I tried to implement the same in my life.

Believe me adapting them is little difficult but not impossible. Changing the way of life we have been living so far can’t be quick, it takes time and we must allow that to us. Take your time, work on these practices, slowly they will become part of your life and you will start seeing the difference.

I hope these tips will help you achieve satisfaction, happiness, gratitude and contentment towards life.

Be happy and keep spreading happiness. See you soon!


Series: Healthy Breakfast #1

Hope makes a good breakfast. Eat plenty of it.

I am sure many of us know it already that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives a fresh start to your day.

Our body become starved once we wake up in the morning and needs fuel to work properly. Breakfast is that fuel. As we know how quality of fuel impacts the performance of the engine. Similarly good and healthy content in your breakfast gives a great fuel to your body and mind.

So here we are starting a series of all healthy breakfast which will certainly help you reach your fitness goals and at the same time suite your tongue and fulfill you tummy. So, let’s get started-

Healthy Breakfast #1- Sweet & Crunchy Oatmeal 

Ingredients (for preparing 2 servings)

  • Milk- 1 cup
  • Water -1/4 cup (add if needed)
  • Oats- 1/2 cup
  • Banana- 1 whole
  • Chia Seeds- 1 tea spoon
  • Cinnamon- a pinch (as per taste)
  • Pumpkin Seeds- 1 tea spoon
  • Honey- 1 table spoon (as per taste)
  • Almond- 4-5 sliced


  1. To a medium pot on high heat, add the oats, milk and water. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for 5 minutes. Keep steering.
  2. Once oats are cooked properly, off the flame.
  3. Take 2 serving bowls and fill with the oatmeal.
  4. Add honey as per taste. Sprinkle some cinnamon, flex seeds, pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds.
  5. Cut banana in slices and garnish the oatmeal.
  6. It’s ready, now serve with love.

Once You Try This Recipe-

Let me know how it went! Comment below and share a picture. I’d love to see your response. 


Come back to see more healthy recepies.

New Year & New Beginning with Old Me

With each passing year we are also growing and this growing is not limited to age but emotional, spiritual or personal evolution. Every year is adding +1 to my age, by default 😦 and with increasing age, every year I try to console myself by taking one or other new year resolution so that I can justify myself that “Yes, I have done some progress from last year”. But you know how vague it is.

So eventually I have realized that making certain random promises to myself in the start of a new year is not going to help me feel better anyways. These plans are not going to last for more than a week or so and again I will be back to my same routine and same lifestyle.

& then after observing and assessing over this thought a lot, I have decided to follow these 3 guidelines from this year, you may consider them as my resolution-

  1. I am beautiful and capable for everything– Don’t forget to remind yourself every now and then that you are beautiful, self-sufficient and capable for achieving anything you aim for. Life is very short and we can not waste it on doubting ourselves.  Invest time on your self; your mind, your body and your soul. Cultivate your mind with good thoughts, good book and good people. Try to keep your body fit and healthy. Positivity, good thoughts and peace of mind will keep you close to your soul.
  2. Failing & Falling are nothing to cry for, have courage to stand out in any situation– We all fail at our efforts in life but that failing and falling shouldn’t be a road block for future. Give a fresh start to what you couldn’t achieve. Falling is ok, until you know how to stand up and fight again. Constant efforts never go in vain. Hence keep trying and never loose hope. Time heals the scars and similarly you have to heal your mind with constant efforts towards achieving your goal.
  3. Preserve your relationships, they are expensive– Life is beautiful when you have people around you to celebrate Life with you. Keep those folks near to your heart and life. Relationships are formed easily but what makes it difficult is to preserve them. As soon we forget to invest love and time in our relationship, they start getting impacted. So try to spend more time with friends and family, make them feel good about you, about them and about your relationship. You can buy anything but love. So preserve what you have and invest what ever you can in your loved ones.

I am surely going to work on these rigorously thorough out. Give it a try if you find it good for applying in your life too. All the best 🙂

With all the lovely wishes for this new year, I wish for a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year for all of you.


We all are not in the same battle field.

In this era of cut throat competition, we all are running behind certain goals. The aim of our lives is to compete on certain objectives one by one. As soon we achieve one of our desired goals we don’t even have time to enjoy the moment but we are in hurry to start the marathon for other one. And majority of the times these goals are not always set by us but we tend to opt others choices in order to prove ourselves ahead of them.

Do we really need to be part of this marathon! Why are we running behind things or objectives we aren’t even sure about their worth in our life. Just because everyone else want them so shall we possess them too??

Answer is quite simple “NO“, but realizing this two word sentence is something that takes ages to understand. Every one has their own vision about their lives, they have different expectations from life and so their path and their parameter of success is different. We need to understand this aspect of life that we all can not participate in same war and win the same battle. Your battle is different than mine. Wining the battle might be success for you but for me that winning might not be significant at all.

Therefore a little observance, some quite time with ourselves and understanding vision of our own life will help us to choose our path and follow our dreams. We all are thriving towards certain goals which has their impact and significance on individual lives. We must not get influence by other’s goals or vision. You may feel that someone’s life is much simpler than yours or one is having all the world’s favor at their end, but you never know what others are going through unless you walk in their shoes.

Perceptions are easy to make but very difficult to change. Let’s not make any perception about our life but understand the core reality and set the correct expectation from our self. This will certainly help to make life path easy, achieve more and will attract more happiness and satisfaction in our life. Enjoy every achievement in life be it small or big. Do not repent on any misses. Learn from mistakes but not repeat them.

Life is too short for CUT, COPY & PASTE. So pick up your own page, experiment with different fonts, write what ever your heart says, do not hesitate to scribble and if page is full always turn over the page, there is always something new in each page of your life.

Live, love & laugh. Keep spreading love and keep smiling 🙂

“Your love inspired me”

Today, I congratulated one of my friend on her wedding day. This was special as she has been fighting for this day for past 3-4 years and finally they made it to day of their union. I was extremely happy for the couple and hence poured all my hearty wishes to them. She accepted my wishes and in return she gave me a generous and heart touching response. She said “You have been my inspiration throughout my journey of love. You and your relationship has always inspired me and make me believe that true love exists and people put lots of effort to achieve and stay in love. Your love , your compassion and commitment towards each other has given me strength to stay strong and fight for my belief, my love and my life. Thank you for being my inspiration“.

I was awestruck. I can’t believe that my love story has made such a remarkable impression on someones life. This feeling is incredible. I was short of words and couldn’t react. Tears of joy and gratitude rolled from my eyes.

This is such a lovely day. Way back home I was thinking that all those short steps in our love life have been proved fulfilled today. We both have invested all our heart, passion, love, care and efforts in this relationship. We build our base and everyday trying to make it strong and nourish this with more love and care. I am grateful that our small efforts towards our relationship are motivating others to push the limits and fight for their love. Intentionally or unintentionally we are being part of some beautiful love stories. Today I am very happy and satisfied to know that our love has made difference in at least one life and I hope our love always shines brighter and inspire more lives towards love and motivates them to fall in love, stay in love and sustain in love.

Spreading love with love of my life. Love you my man.


He said that she was inapt for him-

because she believed in her dreams, she had her own thoughts, she had her own vision and believes, she believed in concept of individual differences, she was a dreamer, had independent thoughts, she had her own priorities, she had future plannings, she had high salary, she had her career plan and she has her own opinion.

Now she appreciate her thoughts more than ever 🙂

Let’s talk about Love

Love is a strong word and a deep feeling. But eventually we have started using this term very frequently and in very obvious manner. “I love your dress”, “I love that car” & ” I love you”??? So does it mean you love me just like a dress or may be a car  J !! Sounds strange, right!

So how does this word “Love” differs it’s meaning from a thing to a person. In my opinion that is the reciprocal value that creates a differentiation, isn’t it? So when I say that “I love my dress” my dress doesn’t reciprocate anything to me, it doesn’t value me though for me it has a definite value so this is one way. But when I say “I love my mother”, my mother reciprocate same feeling for me. I am valuable to her and she loves me unconditionally. So “Love” is about the value and being desired by someone.

Love is a powerful word and its impact is equally powerful. People do fall in love very often but do they remain in love throughout. Falling in love is quite easy rather than staying in love. It does take efforts to remain in love with someone and being desired the same way by someone.

Feeling of love is amazing and at the same time it’s frightening. Love demands patience that we will bear with each other in any situation. It requires guarantee that we two will remain in love and will be desired. Love demands security, companionship and respect towards each other, towards their liking, habits, culture, tradition, values and even social behavior. When two people are in love they want to be known, to be seen, to be valued, to be understood and to be respected. Love demands love back.

Till now you must be thinking that I know it all, I have read something like this many times and all…& I know that you know all of this. But do you know that are you doing any of this in your life, for love???

That’s exactly we must ask ourselves when we wish to be in love forever and want to stay in love for ever. To stay in love- you have to become desirable and remain desirable, isn’t it?

Answer is YES. So we have to start doing what we know already and even we see or read about this on regular basis but just don’t follow. Then start following this in your life. Be in Love, reciprocate that love, be respectful, be a forgiver, be acceptable, be desirable and make your love feel the same way. I am sure this will make you fall for your love again and again and Love will remain forever between you two.

Good wishes and Love to all 🙂

Keep spreading Love!!